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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 135: Oh, The INHUMANity!

The Inhumans get a TV show! No, you read that right! What does that mean? Listen for details! Plus: stay tuned for another possible comic book property on The CW, important news on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s airing schedule after its mid-season return in January, more synopses, Riverdale’s premiere date and much more!

A History of Zombies in Pop Culture

The Walking Dead is back for season six, and there have already been some tragic casualties. The characters aren’t the only ones doing battle – there are also miniature wars raging throughout the web between the fans posting spoilers and the fans who are, well, less than appreciative. These debates just highlight the growing popularity of the show, which exploded onto the scene six years ago with over five million viewers per episode and opened the latest season with almost 20 million viewers. Vampires may have dominated popular culture in the past, but passionate fans are helping propel brain eaters past bloodsuckers. Series like The Walking Dead and iZombie are bringing a new humanity – and differing viewpoints – to these formerly human protagonists.