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Breaking Bad: Episode 14 – Ozymandias – Recap

Ozymandias begins with a flashback to Walt and Jeese’s first cook. They’re at the exact spot where Walt buried his fortune and was eventually apprehended by Hank. After Walt and Jeese finish their cook, Walt calls Skylar to explain to her that he’ll be working late and won’t be home in time for dinner. She’s okay with his tardiness and asks him to bring home a pizza. The scenes end as they fade away, brining us back to the present day.

First Impressions: Mass Effect 2

I am not what you call a role playing man(think Clint Howard).  If you’re familiar with my previous writings, you’ll know that I’ve spent most of my gaming life on first person shooters and fighting games, but I was once known to dabble in the mmorpg, World of Warcraft throughout all of it’s expansions.  Aside from that, Role Playing Games have never really intrigued me.  I’ve played a fair amount through Red Dead Redemption, but that’s not really an rpg; more of an open world story with no real impact when it comes to the consequences of your choices.  You know, if you pick a certain path, you fail and have to restart from your last life.  If you fail a mission, and you or your temporary companion dies, you restart the game in a neutral location, and you’ve lost the mission.