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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 061: Comic Fans Assemble!

Avengers Assemble! This week I give a (non-spoiler) review on Avengers: Age of Ultron! What did I think? Listen to find out! Also listen in for what game-changing stories happened for DC from their Free Comic Book Day issue, news on a DC-comic departure, what Marvel could be publishing soon as well as a review on Secret Wars #1! It’s also the time of the year where we play what [comic] shows are renewed and cancelled. See what’s coming back and what isn’t. Of course we can’t forget the rumors already churning out for Captain America: Civil War and more!!

My Thoughts, Solicited: May 2015 Solicitations

Big things happening in May! Avengers: Age of Ultron! Free Comic Book Day! Along with that, we have DC’s Convergence winding up its short and quick Spring event as Marvel starts theirs with Secret Wars. If that wasn’t enough boom for your pleasure, we’ll finally find out who the new (lady) Thor is. It’s a whole new worlds that are coming our way.

My Thoughts, Solicited – April 2015 Solicitations

  April showers may bring May flowers, but it also brings comic books, too! Get ready for another alien encountering story with UFOlogy starting from Boom! Convergence roaring into gear, and Marvel setting everything up for Secret Wars next month with the final issues of Avengers and New Avengers and many more tying in! Pick a company, any company, and you’ll be hard pressed to not find something exciting or grand going on.

The Comic Bubble: Diamond Retailer Summit News

    Last weekend, Diamond had their annual retailer summit in Las Vegas and earlier this week a few big announcements were made. Just about all of them, save one, was for Marvel comics, but still pretty interesting tidbits. 

My Thoughts, Solicited: June 2014 Solicitations – DC/Marvel

  It’s a month of crazy on both sides of this spectrum and there is no loser as we, the comic readers, pretty much come out the victors. June is a special month for DC as new Superman artist John Romita Jr. begins his run on the series. Lobo shows up again, this time in Justice League United as he goes man-o a man-o with Hawkguy while elsewhere we get treated to Batwoman’s and Red Robin’s origin. Lemire and Sorrentino decide to break Green Arrow and Batman gets ready to wrap up its year long Zero Year storyline with The Riddler! Meanwhile at Marvel, it’s an Original Sin overload as Original Sins tie-in mini series is introduced. The Hulk goes Savage while the New Avengers take on Marvel’s version of the Justice League. Miles Morales has a lot going on and a certain Black Cat is out for revenge. 

My Thoughts, Solicited: February 2014 Solicitations – Marvel

  All-New Marvel NOW! continues to roll out its second wave with all new books like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, more relaunches with Wolverine and Fantastic Four, and an ending to a beloved series that has broken hearts everywhere. February isn’t the time of hearts being stomped on Marvel! Come on!!

My Thoughts, Solicited: November 2013 Solicitations- Marvel

It’s a big month for Marvel as Infinity ends with an all-out planetary brawl! The X-Men deal with the aftermath of Battle of the Atom! Avengers Arena sees its last sunset while the possible end of the Ultimate Universe begins. And oh wait! The return of Nightcrawler in the new Amazing X-Men series!!  

My Thoughts, Solicited: October 2013 Solicitations- Marvel

  A day late and a dollar short, but nevertheless I come out of Tartarus itself to make sure you still get to see what Marvel’s October highlights are. Infinity keeps rolling on! Thunderbolts get to come out and plaaa-i-aaay! Battle of the Atom comes to a surprising end with twists and turns along in its second half and Astonishing X-Men gets to go to that big house in the sky. Now where are we going to see a shirtless Gambit?