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My Thoughts, Solicited: February 2015 Solicitations

Winter may be freezing things up in the Northwestern hemisphere at the moment, but does that stop comics from happening? Of course not! February brings some specialness to the funny pages as anniversaries are celebrated and new ongoings happen from good guys to not so good guys. The evilest of villains scheme their master plans into action as the heroes try to stop them, while some just try to survive life and boys. Read on to see just the tip of the iceberg for what February holds.  

The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 2

  Previously I wrote about what I figured to be the Top 5 books under the Marvel Now! label. This time, I’ll be going through the rest of the books under the trade dress, giving you an insight into which ones are worth your time and which ones just be left on the comic shelf.    Besides the five books mentioned in Part 1, there are currently eight other books out that is part of Marvel NOW!, for the titles that began a new volume/#1.