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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 131: The RessurXion of the X-Men

It’s a new X-Men book here! New X-Men book there! A new X-Men book everywhere on old Marvel’s farm! All week as part of the RessurXion revamp, new ongoings were announced for the X-Men line including Iceman! Yeap! Iceman! But the X-Men don’t have all the fun. Listen in for news on more CW DC tv shows synopses, talk on the Guardians 2 and Logan teasers, Valiant’s Harbinger movie update and much more!!

Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble: Week of 7/8

      Lando #1 Written by: Charles Soule  Art by: Alex Maleev A lot of people were unsure how Marvel would handle the Star Wars mythos once they were set to start publishing comics based off the property. Those thoughts were quickly put to rest as Marvel has proved they can produce excellent stories. Now we get one on Lando Calrissian, one of the most beloved characters from the original trilogy, as we see what he’s up to before running Cloud City.