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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 128: The Dominators Dominate

Want to know what we have this week? We have news on a brand new Assassin’s Creed comic book series! We have DC singing another creator to an exclusive contract! Oh yeah! We also have more synopsis for Flash, Arrow and more! There’s also news on Arrow’s 100th episode! And let’s not forget that there’s updates on Avengers: Infinity War plus Valiant having their own movie news! Oh you read that right!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode: Synopses Unleashed

Synopsis here! Synopsis there! Synopsis everywhere! It’s like Old McDonald’s farm if he farmed synopses! There’s one for Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and more! Plus: stay tuned for who became DC exclusive, some information on Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed event, what we could have in store for a second season of Luke Cage and more!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 121: San Diego Comic-Con Round 2: Trailer Extravaganza

In the second part of San Diego Comic-Con news coverage, it’s time to talk about the trailers released! Luke Cage! Iron Fist! The Walking Dead! Justice League sizzle reel and many, many more! Plus Marvel reveals a new Inhuman and X-Men event for this winter! Official castings for Black Panther and who will be Captain Marvel! Listen to what to expect for the new seasons of The CW’s DC TV shows and SO. MUCH. MOOOOOOORE!!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 104: Afterlife Schmafterlife

The Comic Bubble Podcast return this week with news of a DC/Boom Studios! crossover, the date when Afterlife with Archie returns, news from C2E2 on Marvel’s Civil War II event and much more including rumors (and confirmation) on Iron Fist, Gotham’s third season renewal and what to expect for future Marvel and DC movies!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 100: Prometheus & The Iron Fist of Fury

100 episodes!! That’s right! The Comic Bubble Podcast celebrates 100 episodes and Prometheus joins in on the fun as we talk about getting to this monumental moment and reminisce on how it all began! And of course we get into the topics including a Marvel and Wounded Warrior Project team-up, DC rebooting Hannah-Barbera characters, what made Lauren Cohan almost quit The Walking Dead and lots more including the official Flash and Supergirl crossover news!!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 084: NYCC 2015 Part Deux

It’s a big one this week as we cover the second half of the New York Comic Con news from Days 2 and 3! Frank Miller said what about Sin City? Marvel crossovers! Find out why you can’t keep a good lantern corp team down! All this plus more into Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, the announcements of two (yes TWO) X-Men TV shows that are really happening, how for a few hours everyone was hoping Marvel got the Fantastic Four movie rights back and so much more (than ever before)!!  

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 083: The JLA and NYCC

This week there’s news of a new Justice League of America animated series confirmed by Cartoon Network! Find out when you should expect it along with more Marvel series announcement and teases for upcoming works in 2016! More TV synopsis, a Boom comic optioned for the small screen, lots of news updates on Marvel’s Phase 3… and oh yeah! New York freaking Comic Con! There’s just Friday coverage here so you have to tune in next episode for the second parts, but for now, see what Day 1 news there is!!       [display_podcast]

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 079: The Hellcat Claweth

Hellcat is just one of the new ongoings Marvel has announced, with other House of Ideas news like Kirby Monster variant month that’s talked about! Find out what Valiant is up to as they end a series, AfterShock Comics announces their first slate of comics and Batman Day will be now be celebrated in the same date every year from now on! Plus news on Jessica Jones, The Walking Dead’s Carl and a lot more into DC Extended Universe!!    [display_podcast]