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Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 8/24

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Titans #2 and Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1!

My Thoughts, Solicited – April 2015 Solicitations

  April showers may bring May flowers, but it also brings comic books, too! Get ready for another alien encountering story with UFOlogy starting from Boom! Convergence roaring into gear, and Marvel setting everything up for Secret Wars next month with the final issues of Avengers and New Avengers and many more tying in! Pick a company, any company, and you’ll be hard pressed to not find something exciting or grand going on.

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 048: Post Convergence DC

This week’s episode of The Comic Bubble Podcast brings you announcements in all departments of the entertainment medias. In comics, Archie Comics pushes more into the digital world, expanding their presence with their imprints. With DC, they’ve revealed what their comic line will be like post-Covergence. In the House of Ideas, Bendis announces his departure from the X-Men line. Who, say it ain’t so! In the TV side: the Titans roster for the TNT show is leaked (then made official). Casting news for AKA Jessica Jones. And who’s Daniel Bruhl in Captain America: Civil War? Listen to find out. And listen for more news.

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 027: Short Night, Shortround

With this week’s new episode, listen in to what Charles Soule has to say on how long Wolverine is to be expected to stay underground, what Marvel will do with some of the Dark Horse published Star Wars titles, new books starting up and more old books getting cancelled, including Batman Beyond 2.0. More casting news coming for Ultimate Spider-Man, Arrow, and even a Titans show on TNT?! Whoa, yeah, that’s real! Oh! And let me not forget the line, “And much more!” That line’s important.

My Thoughts, Solicited: July 2014 Solicitations, Marvel & DC

It’s the middle of the summer (for these books) and DC makes some new changes to their lineup hoping to entice new readers and old alike to re-interest in some of their characters and books. Meanwhile on the Marvel flip-side of things, they continue on with Original Sin and tie-ins, as well give beloved characters their own solo outgoings! This is a great part of comics- there’s something for everyone!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 006: X2 Gon Give It To Ya

We’re graced this week by The Comic Board moderator, ProjectX2, as he joins in on the discussion on the once great, but now dilapidated Ultimate Universe, Marvel and DC’s joint trademark on the word “superhero”, the oddness that is now Dick Grayson, super-spy! Also see what we think on the recent resurgence of Image comics, more about Channing Tatum possibly playing Gambit as well as the character’s popularity, and the rumor about FOX and Sony joining comic universes (don’t get your hopes up, it’s false).

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 004: State of the DC Universe

In the fourth episode of The Comic Bubble Podcast, a quick praise of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is given (spoiler free), followed by how DC gave away what happens to Nightwing following the events of Forever Evil (not spoiler free), how not just the DCU, but DC’s editorial staff is in shambles. Talks also include Batman celebrating 75 years, favorite Batman moments, Marvel’s upcoming Netflix shows, and X-Men: Apocalypse/universe chatter.   [display_podcast]

My Thoughts, Solicited: April 2014 Solicitations – DC & Marvel

  April showers may bring May flowers, but it also brings the new Batman Eternal weekly series! Also starting in April from DC is Justice League United, because hey, what’s another Justice League title right? Meanwhile, things look grim for Nightwing as it could be that he’s… dead?! A new creative team takes over Flash and we also say good-bye to some titles, with Superman Unchained being one of them. Looking at Marvel, things aren’t as grim, but there’s still bad news as Uatu the Watcher gets killed and gets his own event because of it with Original Sin. Peter Parker makes a triumphant and totally expected return as Iron Fist gets another kick at an ongoing solo series. Get it? Another… kick! More heroes get their own solo title and one recently back from the dead takes over another. April has got it all for you, folks!