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My Thoughts, Solicited: February 2014 Solicitations – DC

  It is the month famously known for loooove, but in DC, it’s quite the opposite really. As Forever Evil is an issue away from finishing up, things are looking quite dire for some, while elsewhere Lois Lane gets her very own one-shot issue. Batman’s Zero Year long overall arc continues its saga with the end sight near as Joker’s Daughter returns in her own one-shot comic as well.

Vegas PG Power Girl Cosplay

  Vegas PG is a professional cosplayer, spokesperson, and actress. She makes all of her own costumes. She doesn’t just dress the part but she’s genuinely an avid comic book reader. Vegas PG is best known for her Power Girl cosplay, which she first did back in 2008 and she’s continued to evolve the costume over the years.

Ardella Does Power Girl Cosplay

Ardella is a cosplayer from Australia who just so happens to do a fantastic Power Girl cosplay. As you can clearly see, there’s absolutely no surprised as to why it’s her most famous cosplay. Ardella is also the host for the web show, “Planet of the Capes“, dedicated to the wonderful world of cosplay. It’s definitely worth giving a watch if for nothing else but hear her sweet accent!