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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 081: Mighty Morphin Power Podcast

This week’s coverage not only includes more of the relaunches and new series coming to the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe, but also news on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic book launch people have been waiting for! What people? People people! Stay tuned for what’s going on with The Walking Dead TV show for who’s coming and who we could be/should be expecting! And what age will Peter Parker be for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Find out here and much more too!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 027: Short Night, Shortround

With this week’s new episode, listen in to what Charles Soule has to say on how long Wolverine is to be expected to stay underground, what Marvel will do with some of the Dark Horse published Star Wars titles, new books starting up and more old books getting cancelled, including Batman Beyond 2.0. More casting news coming for Ultimate Spider-Man, Arrow, and even a Titans show on TNT?! Whoa, yeah, that’s real! Oh! And let me not forget the line, “And much more!” That line’s important.

Uncanny X-Force #13 Review

    The X-men finally get their shit together, having defeated their Revenants (literally their inner demons) along with their long and drawn-out pasts, and now coherently assembled with Bishop, a large Revenant bear and Spiral, the nostalgic X-Men villain.  Previously, the Revenant Queen revealed herself with some surprise, as

First X-MEN: Days of Future Past Trailer

It goes without saying that I’ve been less than kind to X-Men: Days of Future Past. I’ve mocked Storm‘s costume, laughed at the PEZ dispensers looking Sentinels, and even criticized Bryan Singer’s return to the franchise in general. And while I still standby my criticisms, X-Men: Days of Future Past looks as though it has the potential to be more than the sum of its parts. But don’t take my word for it…

All-New X-Men: Issue 7

  Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: David Marquez Before I review this issue I’ll bring you up to speed if you haven’t read the first six issues yet. At the conclusion of Avengers Vs X-men Cyclops, while being possessed by the Phoenix force, killed his long time mentor, Professor X. He escaped from prison and along with Magneto, Emma Frost and Magik began freeing mutants who were being held prisoner and recruiting new mutants at the onset of their powers manifesting. Cyclops is now a fugitive and has been branded as a terrorist.

X-Men: Days of Future Past – Marvelous Expectations

  Vaughn is out. Singer is in. Upon hearing this news many fans of the X-Men films collectively rejoiced. I was not one of those fans. I didn’t hate or even dislike the Bryan Singer directed X-Men movies. But I didn’t love them. They were, in my not so humble opinion, passable. My opinion of the X-Men movies is simply that they were “pretty good” and I was relieved that they didn’t completely butcher my beloved mutant superheroes. But in a post-Avengers world my standards have significantly risen. It’s no longer a marvel of cinematic wizardry to effectively translate comic book super heroes to the silver screen. Being able to accurate portray the on-screen interpretations of a character’s funny book counterpart is now the rule rather than the exception. Simply put, Singer has rather large shoes to fill.