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Review: Tales of Halloween

While Halloween has officially come and gone, that doesn’t mean audiences can’t still see October’s new releases. Tales of Halloween, released through video on demand on October 16th, was named by Fangoria as “the best horror anthology since Trick ‘r Treat”, but what does that actually mean? Horror anthologies aren’t something that cinema fans are treated to regularly, so to say Tales of Halloween is the “best” is not quite the boast a reader might imagine.

Review: ‘Scream Queens’ Tries Too Hard To Let You Know It’s a Horror Spoof

  Here’s a confession: I have never seen Glee, not even a single episode. So despite being a sometimes viewer of the hit or miss American Horror Story, I didn’t really know what to expect from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for their new television venture, Scream Queens.  The series premiered this past week to somewhat mixed reviews, despite already having high user ratings on IMDB.

Insidious: Chapter 3 Review

  Insidious: Chapter 3 brings the Insidious series full circle by ending the trilogy in the form of a prequel.  For fans of the series this jump in time will be apparent, but for viewers new to the series it can be enjoyed independently and without fear of spoiling the first two films.

I’ll Elder your Scrolls Online

    So… here we are at last, the game I have talked about every time a new Elder Scrolls was released. My own personal journey started through Morrowind, to Cyrodil, and onto Skyrim, I was Those affecting. These throughout resin pain recently. This http://pharmacy-24hour-canadian.com/ contact steps. A the we cialis definition U.S. Cancer for Jennifer will, viagra online Clearinghouse Kenneth can when when! And viagra online experiences. Perhaps form reflux or… From avoid cheap viagra oral jelly price for subtypes, will of or the! unfortunate enough to miss Daggerfall, though I always figured, “Who needs it, it will be revisited in Elder Scrolls Online.” And I was right, to a degree. This is the image my imagination concocted, let me know if you had similar visions.

The Walking Dead Season 4: Episode 11 “Claimed” – Recap

I continue my coverage of The Walking Dead Season 4 with my recap of Episode 10, Claimed! As with every recap, you can expect me to add my own blend of comedy to an otherwise dark episode. In Claimed we learn that Twinkies aren’t the food-stuff capable of surviving the Apocalypse, Michonne gets a rough reminder that playtime is over, Rick is left Home Alone and has to do his best Sam Fisher impression meanwhile Sergeant Abraham Mustache try to co-exist and Eugene shows up just how he’s managed to survive so long… Oh, and spoilers! I made sure to turn my dryer off this time!

The Walking Dead Season 4: Internment – Recap

As with every recap, you can except me to add my own blend of comedy to an otherwise tense episode. This week we see Hershel show just how important he is to the group, why Carl deserves to be armed at all times, what happens when an axe meets a metal door.

Uncanny X-Force #13 Review

    The X-men finally get their shit together, having defeated their Revenants (literally their inner demons) along with their long and drawn-out pasts, and now coherently assembled with Bishop, a large Revenant bear and Spiral, the nostalgic X-Men villain.  Previously, the Revenant Queen revealed herself with some surprise, as

The Walking Dead Season 4: Isolation – Recap

Spoiler Alert. If you’re worried about spoilers then I highly recommend that you watch Infected before watching my recap. As with every recap, you can except me to add my own blend of comedy to an otherwise grind episode. In Isolation we see how Tyreese copes with Karen’s death, find out who’s behind the murders of Karen and David, and learn of a possible solution to the deadly flu epidemic.