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Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 9/16

Welcome to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Star Wars #9, Tokyo Ghost #1 and Guardians of Knowhere #4!  

My Thoughts, Solicited: September 2015 Solicitations

  It’s time to see what’s going on in September in the world of comics! There’s a new series coming out from Rick Remender from Image comics as Marvel’s Secret Wars tie-ins begin winding down and some finishing up. We even say good-bye to the Ultimate Universe, whether that’s a good thing or not for readers.

My Thoughts, Solicited: July 2015 Solicitations

Summer time! What better way to enjoy your summer vacation and those nice sunny, beach-weather days than laying back in the sun, reading some comics? Sounds like heaven to me! Especially when you got brand new series and minis debuting, more tie-in books for Secret Wars, and conclusions that will either be heart-breaking or rage inducing, depending on how exactly they end. So put on some sunscreen, get that comfy lawn chair, and read away.

My Thoughts, Solicited: June 2015 Solicitations

We’re in June. Mid-way through June. The year is just about half-way done, but comics? That’s going just as strong if not stronger thanks to (in part) Marvel’s (literal) world and universe ending event that is Secret Wars. They’re not the only ones having fun, however, as Boom keeps going with the ever-popular Woods series and Image keeps up its recent resurgence with all their books and upcoming ones alike. 

My Thoughts, Solicited – March 2015 Solicitations

Ok so yes, March is just about over with, but don’t let that fact mean this month’s MTS can’t still be a helpful guide! Maybe you didn’t make it to the comic shop yet or you’re not sure what to get (I know that’s a bit of a stretch, but humor me). DC gets ready to converge their multiverse as Marvel begins new series that are definitely worth your dollar. These are must haves for your collection and incredible indie books that will take you for an unforgettable ride. What’s looking good this month? Take a look…    

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 038: Apocalypse NOW! [casted]

  It’s official everyone: the apocalypse will be coming in the face of Oscar Isaac. And if that’s not enough news for you, listen on to find out what’s going on with Constantine over at NBC. Wonder Woman landing a director (officially), who’s making a return trip from Captain America 2 and into 3 (you know, besides Captain America…) and more! I mean lots more! Flash’s “Power Outage” episode gets talked about plus easter eggs and some upcoming items. Marvel’s Spider-Verse is pitted against AXIS to see which is doing better and is better overall. And more comic book talk! More more-ness all around!

My Thoughts, Solicited: December 2014 Solicitations.

  It’s time to close out the year with some new additions, some good-byes and a couple monkeys or two. With another movie getting a continuation in comic book form, (and the second for a movie with Kurt Russell) and scarecrows and mummies fighting about and what not, this is going to be one crazy December. Heroes that were villainous and villains that were heroic… this month’s got it all. Continue on to see what the end of the year holds and what you can expect moving on forward.

My Thoughts, Solicited: October 2014 Solicitations

As I continue to tinker around with this, trying to make it better for everyone, be excited for more expansion into other comic companies! Have a little fun with some magic in Cloaks and exploration of alternate realities with Multiversity! And while it’s time to head back to school with some creepiness factor added in, let us all also remember our fallen friend, who will likely be back in time for the Apocalypse movie (or not, depending on the so-called feud between Fox and Marvel), Wolverine….