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Iron Man 3 – Review

  Oh Iron Man 3. I can’t even begin to explain just how excited I was for this movie. While Iron Man 2 injected more fun, and a bit of ridiculousness, into the Iron Man series, it looked as though Iron Man 3 was going to take a more serious approach. At the very least I had hoped that Iron Man 3 would fall somewhere between the first Iron Man movie and Iron Man 2 in terms of how good it was. It was easy to compare Iron Man 3 to Dark Knight Rises after the initial Iron Man 3 trailers were released. Both looked to be darker films with a somber tone, showing our heroes with their backs to the wall. There are certainly parallels to be drawn from Dark Knight Rises, but it unfortunately wasn’t the somber tone that Iron Man 3 echoed.

Robert Downey Jr. Holding Out For More Money; Brings Avengers With Him

    The success of Iron Man 3 is undeniable, even if reviews seem to be mixed with director Shane Black’s direction.  With Iron Man 3 grossing the 2nd biggest opening weekend numbers of all time, Avengers taking 1st, and with the reportedly cool $50 million bucks Downey made off The Avengers, his contract with Marvel is now completed and the ugly fight of renegotiating is underway.