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7 FREE Sci Fi Movies

More often than not the proclamation of “free” comes with strings attached. In this case there’s no catch, only a hand-picked collection of Sci Fi movies for you to enjoy. Okay, I lied, there’s a bit of a catch. You’ll likely have to sit through an ad or three. But hey, that’s the not so hidden “cost” of the internet nowadays. Some of these films I’ve seen and absolutely adore, while others I’ve heard great things about but never had the opportunity to watch them just yet. Either way, I hope you enjoy them!

Must-Watch German Films in 2013

Believe it or not, the entirety of German cinema isn’t solely comprised of Christopher Waltz and David Hasselhoff. Rather, German cinema has a rich history which began during the latter part of the 19th century and went through major changes up until the 20th century. Today the German film industry remains prosperous and continues to release its own high-budget movies and net lucrative box office returns. To help offset the cost of producing big-budget films, some German producers partner with American TV and film producers. These strategic partnerships have not prevented Germany from producing its own successful film studios including Studio Hamburg, Bavaria Film, UFA and Constantin Film. Additionally, Germany has produced several notable films which have received world-wide acclaim, including Tom Tykwer’s “Run Lola Run”, Wolfgang Becker’s “Goodbye Lenin!”, and Oliver Hirschbiegel’s “Downfall”.