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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 122: DCTV Domination

While there is some bad news for both Marvel and DC for their comic books, you’ll get cheered up by all the DCTV news there is regarding The CW shows! Casting updates! Character announcement surprises! More Kevin Smith directed episodes for The Flash and Supergirl! All that is covered in this week’s episode as well as news for Captain Marvel getting a different origin for the MCU, where Shazam will place in DC’s movie continuity and much more!

Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 10/21

  Welcome to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Uncanny Inhumans #1, Cognetic #1 (Of 3) and Justice League #45!   Uncanny Inhumans #1 Marvel Written by: Charles Soule Art by: Steve McNiven With Extraordinary X-Men delayed, Uncanny Inhumans is our first foray into the new, uneasy tensed “relationship” between the mutants and the Inhumans. That said, that’s only teased for a scene with (adult) Beast as the rest of the issue focuses on two the two storylines that will serve as main themes through the series: Black Bolt trying to reclaim his son from Kang The Conqueror and Medusa with her squad showing that Inhumans are not to be feared and are here to help. It is very evident of the eight month jump after Secret Wars with how much the characters have grown (and no, not in height) since the last volume. You can see this with how some of the characters have better control and usage of their powers and how well they’re working with one of the new guys as if they’ve been around for a long time (which they have, because you know… eight months later…). While the credits page…

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 042: 07 Oceans Of Blood

It’s the last podcast episode of the year! Joining on the close out is none other than bloodocean07 himself! We talk shop on games from Mario Kart to Smash Bros. to all sorts of Let’s Play with Batman: Arkham Origins and more! And no fret – comics are still on the topic showdown! George R.R. Martin says he’d write for Marvel, so long as his conditions are met! Constantine will move to an earlier time-slot after the holiday break, Shazam’s place in the DCCU is confirmed and Hulk’s role in the Avengers is examined (plus more)!

My Thoughts, Solicited: December 2014 Solicitations.

  It’s time to close out the year with some new additions, some good-byes and a couple monkeys or two. With another movie getting a continuation in comic book form, (and the second for a movie with Kurt Russell) and scarecrows and mummies fighting about and what not, this is going to be one crazy December. Heroes that were villainous and villains that were heroic… this month’s got it all. Continue on to see what the end of the year holds and what you can expect moving on forward.

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 035: The Bubble Without Fear

All ye who enter, leave your worries at the door, for The Comic Bubble Podcast is here and delivering comic book goodness to save your souls! Steven S. DeKnight, the show runner for the Daredevil Netflix series answered some questions via Twitter on the show and I tell you what he said! Plus Rob Liefeld has to say stuff and says it about Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and about expecting a certain eye-glowing, giant gun wielding, thousand pouch wearing mutant. It’s Cable, spoilers. Joss Whedon replies to the Elba-spoiling of Heimdall and Loki reveal in Avengers Age of Ultron, where else Peggy Carter will pop up, Jack Kirby estate settling with Marvel/Disney, The Rock lays down some Shazam character points, and more! More! MORE!!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 026: Make Mine Comic Bubble

Catching up on a bit of news from the last couple weeks, today’s episode brings forth news of some Marvel comics going the way of Old Yeller, but also some comics that might not. Plus, Justice League gets a new regular artist, a new Avengers prose novel coming from Marvel next year, DC brings back a fan-favorite comic, another edition of Infinite Justice League Film Crisis of Infinite Craziness, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson finally reveals who he’s playing in the Shazam film, and more! MOOOOOORE!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 014: It’s A MARVELous Kind Of DC Night.

  This week you get the pleasure of hearing a snippet of comedian Roy Wood Jr. (TBS’ Sullivan & Son) as he talks about his favorite superhero, Captain America. The fun continues with news on the AXIS event from Marvel, Moon Knight coverage, what appeared in a new Constantine trailer, more on WB and their DCCU plans, and much more!

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 96 – No One’s Taller Than America

Bring in the New Year with the warm feels of the Straight Outta Austin! podcast. We pulled out all the stops for this one as we’re joined by Fuzzy Slippers and Dr. Bacon! We turn the ridiculous to up to 11 covering everything from The Hobbit and The Flash TV Show, to Gal Gadot responding to her critics and why we’ll never see a Sentry movie! And remember kids, if the bar ain’t bending you just pretending.