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Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 38 – Game Over, Bro

Well folks, this is it. The final episode of Save File Corrupted?!… Don’t mourn our passing, instead celebrate our future… Okay, so I’m being dramatic, it’s not quite ending but changing and this will be the last time, for the foreseeable future that Prometheus, Agamemnon, BobbyBeatle and Fuzzy Slippers will all be featured on Save File Corrupted?!. I know, I know, dry those eyes and instead enjoy our 2 hour epic! We cover the reveal of Street Fighter IV‘s 5th mystery character, Amazon removing negative reviews of Titanfall, Wii U sale outpacing PlayStation 4’s in Japan,  we review Angry Joe’s review of Elder Scrolls Online, how to spice up Zelda games, and the reveal of Assassin’s Creed Unity!

Save File Corrupted?!:Episode 32 – Of Two Minds

Save File Corrupted?! returns with more video game hilarity! In this episode we discuss Metal Gear Solid V being split into two separate games, Ryse: Son of Rome‘s “boob controversy”, Riot Games banning LoL pros from streaming other games, Naughty Dog‘s co-founder labeling Nintendo as ‘irrelevant as a hardware manufacturer’, Ultra Street Fighter IV dropping in time for EVO 2014, and we lambast a future candidate for the Darwin Award!

Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 21 – EVO 2K13

EVO 2K13 was well into the Street Fighter IV AE grand finals while we were recording this episode of Save File Corrupted?! So as you can imagine, there was plenty of EVO talk to be had. We reacted to Justin Wong’s narrow loss to Flocker in the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 championship match (19:40), the announcement of Ultra Street Fighter IV (02:59), Noel “Chris” Brown’s untimely imprisonment (26:01) and Nintendo pulling and then reinstating EVO’s permission to stream Super Smash Bros. (39:21). We also talk about Steam teaming up with Twitchtv (36:50),Persona 4 Arena (45:16), Last of Us (1:17:15) and Hideo Kojima feeling “depressed” over GTA V (1:03:09).

Sexism in Video Games; And Why IGN has it Wrong…

I recently stumbled upon IGN, as I casually do every couple weeks, to see what nonsense they’re propagandizing this time around. As my day goes about, I find another bland “top ten” list or “5 reasons why blah blah, blah blah’s,” and then I stumble upon a gem . I urge you to read as it is actually quite an interesting take on the subject of sexism, however a bit misguided. It’s not the tone that I found ridiculous, rather it’s attempt at defining misogyny and how women in video games are portrayed with all the sanctity of a rub rag. Squarely, I take insult at the jab of one of my favorite characters in video games, Ivy Valentine. To be fair, Spaniards love gold and absolutely relish the fur trade…