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The Comic Bubble Podcast: Episode 130 – Go! Go! Justice League Rangers!

It’s another DC inter-company crossover with Boom! Studios as the Justice League cross over with the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers! Plus: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo reunion for 2017! The Guardian to make his debut in Supergirl… as who now?! More synopsis for the DC TV shows! And of course movie news that includes updates on Spider-Man, The Wasp, Captain Marvel and more! 

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 109 – Pale Stout

In this episode of Straight Outta Austin! Prometheus gives Hugh Jackman long overdue validation as he serenades him with his smooth vocals. We also discuss Chris Evans planning to retire once his Marvel contract is finished, how Schwarzenegger will return as the Terminator, The Rock’s claim that he’s come to an agreement over which DC character he’ll play, the TMNT trailer, a possible Arrow spin-off, and beer inspired by The Walking Dead made with real brains, mmm, crunchy! 

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 101 – Twice as High

Let the Nerd rage flow! Agamemnon continues his hate train for Jesse Eisenberg while Prometheus sounds off on Bryan Singer and his outdated X-Men character designs. We dive into the TMNT reboot, X-Men producer wanting to cast Channing Tatum as Gambit, and dig into the Transformer sequel. Of course there’s more Shia LaBeouf shenanigans as well. [powerpress]

Danni Danger’s Pull List for October 30

Fretting over which comic books to pick up come Wednesday? Don’t! Instead, check out Danni Danger’s Pull List! Danni shares her comic book knowledge and gives her top picks of the comics coming out this week!

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 52 – Prometheus and Bob: The Squeakquel

  This is the Squeakquel to Episode 27 meaning that the duo Prometheus and Bob(by Beatle) man the helm of Straight Outta Austin! Agamemnon is away giving tender love and care to his aligning wife, Hibiki Jen-Jen. While he’s away we penetrate your ears with a story of Florida shenanigans involving step brothers and a Taco Bell burrito, Prometheus shares his heartfelt feelings on the Earth shattering announcement that Megan Fox will play April O’ Neil in Michael Bay’s TMNT reboot, Andrew Garfield’s punch inspiring face, a Belgian professor who makes an X-Rated faux pas, Liv Tyler, Ronda Rousey being offered a role in the next Hunger Games movie, our opinions on the Fantastic Four Reboot, and lastly the disappointments that were The Matrix Sequels by the Wachowski siblings.

Why Megan Fox Playing April O’Neil is Secretly a Good Thing

  Upon receiving the devastating news that Megan Fox was cast to play April O’Neil in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, the world, as expected, reacted bitterly. Across the globe TMNT fans responded collectively and symbolically, throwing down their makeshift turtle masks in a rage which stunk with betrayal. As if their own beloved ninja turtles had twisted the knife themselves. It should come as no great surprise that a director known for wafer thin plots would cast an actress equally as vapid. I know that is no true solace to those who hold the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles near and dear to their hearts. However, if you can manage to step outside your scorn and disbelief you’ll begin to see the greater picture become unfurled. You see, this was not a path chosen by Michael Bay, but a path which chose him. I predict that not far from this day we’ll hear the most offensive rumorings; Shia LaBeouf being cast as Casey Jones or Adam Sandler cast as the voice actor for all four CGI alien ninja turtles.