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My Thoughts, Solicited: January 2015 Solicitations

My Thoughts, Solicited returns for the new year! And what a way to start 2015 with what’s in store this month! An old friend comes back to Marvel after over two decades away while Marvel also prepares their first weekly ongoing series! DC inches closer to Convergence, with what possibly could be another universe reboot (as far as rumors go) and Spawn hits a landmark anniversary issue! All that and more, so look on ahead and see what’s what!

Spawn’s Angela To Crossover Into Marvel’s Age of Ultron

Angela, who made her first appearance in issue 9 of Spawn, will crossover into theMarvel Universe for the first time. She’ll be appearing in the final issue of the Age of Ultron mini series written by Brian Bendis. Angela hasn’t been in a comic book at all since the mid-90s so her inclusion in Age of Ultron is peculiar to say the least. I honestly can’t think of a more unexpected crossover. At least in recent memory.

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 51 – Respect the Pouch

  That’s right we’ve passed the hump, so sit back, relax and enjoy episode 51 of Straight Outta Austin! 2013 has us anticipating several landmark comic book movies. We debate whether or not Warner Bros will ever get their act together to even make a Justice League movie and what a Justice League movie would even look like? But DC aren’t the only players in the game, Todd McFarlane is still trying to produce a follow up to his resurrected hamburger faced anti-hero, Spawn. Keep in mind that the Spawn movie came out in 1997, when Spawn was still had some relevancy. Seriously, who is still waiting for this movie? Well speaking of Todd Mcfarlane and irrelevancy, Rob Liefeld has written a screenplay. That in and of itself is worth mentioning but for you, our faithful listeners, Agamemnon reads excerpts of the screenplay tweeted by Rob Liefeld himself. And of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t include some Florida news as well. Let’s just say that it involves alcohol, police officers and a taco. You’re welcome.     Subscribe to Straight Outta Austin! on iTunes!Right click to download Straight Outta Austin! – Episode 51 – Respect the Pouch…

Straight Outta Austin: Episode Three- Maria Ozawa

  I apologize for J. Agamemnon’s brain fart which lead to the not so good sound quality of this edition of Straight Outta Austin. Regardless, it’s still damn funny. If you’ve been listening to our podcasts for any length of time you should be more than used to poor sound quality. Anywho, Epsiode 3 brings you our impromtu rendition of Nate Dogg’s Regulators. But wait there’s more! We’re bringing you an exclusive interview with Maria Ozawa. Not really but we did mention her briefly. Enjoy!     Right Click to Download Podcast