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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 059: Marvelicious

Marvel domination! In a light-news week, Marvel still manages to dominate the news cycle with comics to games and TV to movies. With the House of Ideas announcing a new ongoing series by former wrestler CM Punk, find out what else happened elsewhere as DC officially announces Dark Knight Returns 3. Marvel’s big week continues with a new partnership with Telltale games, more with Netflix, big news for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All that and more that includes what to expect in FOX’s Gotham season 2 and who joined the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel in a classic villain role.

Straight Outta Austin! : Episode 44 – Dutch Oven Mafia

  2012 is a distance memory and 2013 is poised to make its mark on the world. And of course the Straight Outta Austin! crew plans to do the same. We begin that journey by discussing our best and worse films of 2012. If that’s not enough incentive to listen, you’re treated to the whimsical musings of Agamemnon chugging two glasses of beer. Mmm, foamy!   Right click to download Straight Outta Austin! – Episode 44 – Dutch Oven Mafia   You feel that? That’s Joe Rogan entering your soul!  You May Also Like: The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 2 Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 6 – Mega Man X Dovahkin Ghost In The Shell MMORPG Possibly In The Making Straight Outta Austin! : Episode 43 – Erika Pipe’s Out