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Super! Issue #4 Review

    In issue four of Super!, we explore the latter side of the superhero business.  What happens when you hang up the cape?  Are you rewarded for your years of service?  Is there a nice, cushy retirement plan with your name on it?  Well, Golden Age Home for Retired Super Beings is where you’d probably find out.

PTWoR Presents: Justin Piatt of Unlikely Heroes Studios

Justin Piatt, along with co-creator and artist Zack Dolan, have created something truly extraordinary with their comic book, Super! They’ve managed to make the Superhero genre feel fresh again through both parody and homage to the super heroes we all grew up with. We were very fortunate to be able to pry Justin anyway from his tireless work on Super! to pick his brain about how Super! all came about and where it’s going.

Help Kickstart more Super!

  Super! is already two issues deep, with issue 3 releasing later this month, but Unlikely Heroes Studios wants to do more and they need your help! They’ve launched a Kickstarter this month so that they can continue to publish the comic that we’ve grown to love while rewarding supporters with some awesome goodies for their contribution! Backers can receive anything from action figures, signed trade paperbacks, mini posters, a Blood Death hoodie, original artwork and even a chance to appear in Super!

Super! #2 Review – “Rocket Punch!”

  After the fantastic introduction with issue 1 of Super!, issue #2 kicks off the series proper, delving into our first storyline with plenty of action and hilarity.  I gotta say boys, it is quite “chilling.”  Too corny?  I tried.  Super Villain Baron Blizzard makes his first appearance, equipped to the icicle with puns, and yes they are much, much better than mine.  Although personally, I think a good “Winter is Coming” reference was missed in all the silliness.  Maybe our heroes aren’t much for Game of Thrones.

First Look at Super! (52-Page 1st Issue)

    Have you ever gone to your nearby LCS and just felt like nothing you’re reading is satiating your hunger for a fresh comic?  Even after having picked-up everything in your sub-box, even after scouring every wall, even after picking the shop attendant’s brain for recommendations, even after stopping at PTWOR.com for the latest in excellent reviews?  After a hard day’s search, nothing really seems to be scratching that itch in the back of your head.  Lucky for you, I, Agamemnon J. Simpson, have never let you down (not intentionally).  I recently reached out to the guys at Unlikely Heroes Studios and reviewed their newly Kickstartered comic series, Super!