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Breaking Bad: Episode 14 – Ozymandias – Recap

Ozymandias begins with a flashback to Walt and Jeese’s first cook. They’re at the exact spot where Walt buried his fortune and was eventually apprehended by Hank. After Walt and Jeese finish their cook, Walt calls Skylar to explain to her that he’ll be working late and won’t be home in time for dinner. She’s okay with his tardiness and asks him to bring home a pizza. The scenes end as they fade away, brining us back to the present day.

Breaking Bad: Episode 12 – Rabid Dog – Recap

Confessions ended on a wild cliffhanger, with Jeese pouring gasoline all over Walt’s house after learning that it was Walt, not Gus who poisoned Brock. Well this episode, Rabid Dog, deals with the aftermath. We find out how Walt really feels about Jeese, Hank gets his first taste of what it’s like to work with Jeese and Saul treats us to another colorful metaphor.

Breaking Bad: Episode 11 – Confessions – Recap

If you were disappointed with last week’s episode, fear not because Confessions absolutely delivers! Walter gives his “confession” to Hank and Marie, whilst trying to avoid being annoyed to death by the waiter from Office Space. After that, it starts to look like Walt is in the clear, again, only for Jeese to threaten everything that Walt has accomplished, yet again. To be fair to Jeese, this time around he has a damn good reason to.

Breaking Bad: Episode 10 – Buried – Recap

In last week’s episode of Breaking Bad we finally got to see what we had all been waiting years for, the epic showdown between Walter White and Hank Schrader! Walt walked away from that exchange looking to be in control, channeling Heisenberg, cautioning Hank to tread lightly. This week we see Hank call Walt’s bluff and go straight for the jugular. Not only that, but we learn just how much fear Heisenberg commands when Huell suggests to Kuby that they abscond with Walt’s money before Kuby kindly reminds him of Heisenberg’s prison massacre. 

Breaking Bad: Episode 9 – Blood Money – Recap

After months of waiting and anticipation the second half of Breaking Bad Season 5 is finally here. Episode 9, appropriately titled Blood Money continues from the bombshell cliffhanger at the end of the mid-season finale. Blood Money jumps right into it and we see the confrontation between Walt and Hank that’s been building for years!