The Almighties #0 – A Comic Bubble Review


The Almighties is a comic book by Sam Johnson, Mike Gagnon and a team of artists from Actuality Press. It stars a team of heroes you’d never expected to come together.



The Almighties is certainly a different type of comic from what you’ve seen in your local comic shop. And that’s a good thing. It tends to help to differentiate yourself. Having a comic that includes a guy who fights with a giant caveman club-sized meat stick with a killer Adolf Hitler robot to fight against, definitely sets it apart. Reading #0, the issue provides a few stories revealing the origins of the members of The Almighties.

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Each story has something captivating— something that you definitely can’t look away from, grabbing your attention and keeping it there. From robots to werewolves, gutting and blood spilling, action-hero type guys with guns, this has a piece for all different likes. The team alone is proof of that.

While you may not necessarily see the full story set up with the issue, the cliffhanger does that job almost by itself when one of the guys walks into the white house with a time cube and notices there’s a major change that just screams “Oh $#!%…”

If #0 is any indication of what the series is like (which, by the way, is definitely NOT for kids), it’ll be a fun, weird series to enjoy, especially for the more obscure fans out there.


The Almighties #0 is Out Now and available at and

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