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Last weekend Chicago had the annual C2E2 convention and not many things were revealed, in terms of “big news” by most companies there. It was your standard “this is what’s going on,” but nothing really “OMG YOU GUYS” level. Discussions on what’s already shown in past solicitations and reveals. For example, the ‘biggest’ news DC really dropped was that Joker will be returning as Snyder has a part 2 to what he has planned with him, though it will be some time before that story comes along.

Expect the return of New 52 Joker sometime in 2015, likely.

Expect the return of New 52 Joker sometime in 2015, likely.


The real “juicy bits” came from Marvel where they dropped a big bomb revealing about Angela and her tie-in during Original Sin and other reveals. The breakdown:



*Angela, as we all know who was created by Neil Gaiman in the Spawn series and now is part of the Marvel Universe proper, is said to be Odin’s daughter from the 10th realm and will be sister/step-sister to Thor and Loki respectively. Whaaaat? I knoooooow! 



*Storm from the X-Men will be getting her own solo series coming this July, written by Greg Pak and art by Victor Ibanez. The series is going to focus on Storm doing things she wouldn’t do as/with the X-Men.



*Wolverine, by Paul Cornell, will end with issue #12, leading up to the Death of Wolverine event. That will be written by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven.



Covers to Wolverine #8-12.

Covers to Wolverine #8-12.


*Kyle Higgins and James Tynion IV, writers for DC, will have projects for Marvel in the X-Men books, as part of the “World without Wolverine” stories. Not revealed yet what they are as that is still being worked out.



*Do you like the 90s comics? Liefeld and all that jazz? This is for you! A mini series coming up with Deadpool vs X-Force (original line-up) that takes place during that time period of X-Men. Over-muscled people and way-too-many-pockets, here we come!



*Star-Lord gets his own solo title as well. The series will be his own adventures outside of being with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Kitty Pryde is set to be a supporting character and love interest for Peter Quill.



*AXis, only teased as a logo, is an event coming later this year, with the A of the logo being the Avengers’ A and the X being the X logo. We shouldn’t expect any news until San Diego Comic Con.



*Marvel, being the crazy company they are, will be celebrating their 75th anniversary as a publisher with one-shots celebrating 100 years of publishing. Confused? Of course. These one-shots will be stories that Marvel said, “What it will be like when we’re publishing in 2061.”  The one-shots will include stories with Kingpin getting Venom, a new take on the Fantastic Four (with new costumes), what appears to be Scott marrying Emma? and many more with Avengers and Guardians too.












And there you go. Most other panels didn’t reveal anything that we didn’t already know, which is kind of a surprise seeing as how C2E2 has become one of the big go-to cons now. More should definitely be shared by not just Marvel when San Diego Comic Con rolls out this July.

Even if anyone else had really dropped some bigger bombs, nothing would have been bigger than the Angela news. It all just comes to the question: why? Why does Angela have to be part of Thor family? Some people have complained that she shouldn’t belong there because she’s not part of they Norse mythology. I couldn’t care less that she’s not part of it. What I care about more is that a better role for her couldn’t be found elsewhere? It’s not so much that I don’t think she fits in, but more that she could be used somewhere else better. Regardless, I hope it works out because I’m sure she’ll likely be featured in Thor’s solo book and/or Loki’s. Hopefully Marvel knows what they’re doing and this pays off. Most of everything they’ve done in the past few years has been working for the better. 

Wait, there’s more!
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