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Last weekend, Diamond had their annual retailer summit in Las Vegas and earlier this week a few big announcements were made. Just about all of them, save one, was for Marvel comics, but still pretty interesting tidbits. 


axis The first item on the list is the cover to the next Diamond Previews book, which reveals a bit more on the upcoming AXIS event from Marvel. Even though the next previews book is for comics being released in August, we’re getting a little preview on the August solicit books. The cover, as you can see, has Onslaught Red Skull from Rick Remender’s first arc in Uncanny Avengers, posing with Green Goblin, Loki, Sabretooth, Dr. Doom, and Carnage. Also shown is what the AXIS logo will look like (presumably) on the comics, and a mirror image under them, with everyone guessing are the heroes. AXIS will be Marvel’s Fall event spinning out of Remender’s Uncanny Avengers series, with the Avengers and X-Men in tow, though this time it won’t be against each other.



G3000 Up next, it was announced that starting in September, the original Guardians of the Galaxy, a team from far into the future, will be having their own series once again titled GUARDIANS 3000. Hey, doesn’t DC have a title called Justice League 3000? Wow! What a coincidence (but not really). This, of course, is to coincide with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie which will have been out a month by the book’s release. A preview/tease of the team was recently shown in Guardians of the Galaxy #14.




Announced already, but not happening until May 2015, is next year’s main Marvel event, dealing with the Avengers. The title of the event has not been released, but it was said that what will be leading up to the event begins this September in Avengers #35 and New Avengers #24, where both issues will have everything jump ahead 8 months into the future. During the coming weeks, as its shown in the final image of this set, is where answers will begin to be told about all this. What it looks like the event will be is what the Illuminati have been dealing with in the New Avengers series with the multiple dimensions earth incursions, and presumably when this is all said and done, is when Jonathan Hickman will take his Avengers bow, since it’s been announced he will be leaving the Avengers book in 2015. In related news, Kieron Gillen has been offered a Marvel book that he said he couldn’t pass up and will be leaving the Iron Man series for it. Could he be taking over Avengers from Hickman? Stay tuned (couldn’t help it)!




In other news, also coming in September is a match up between Deadpool and Hawkeye. It’s not known where exactly this will take place (a mini series, a crossover between their respective titles, etc.). Should still prove to be an interesting story. 



Annihilator Legendary comics 

I’m not sure if this was exactly announced from the summit as well, but still something worthy of mentioning, is a new book from Grant Morrison and artist Frazer Irving called ANNIHILATOR. The comic will be published by Legendary Comics. The comic will be “coming soon”.

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