The Comic Bubble: Digital Comics – Taking over singles or sidekick to them?



 Over the last couple years digital versions of comic books have become more and more prominent and a lot more people are reading them in that format. With the help of sites/apps like ComiXology and Marvel Unlimited, to name a couple examples, you can read current and old comics alike on the computer or on your smartphone/devices. With the ever-growing like and use of this format, there are those who worry that it will take over completely and physical copies will be the way of the past. 


However, I tend to disagree with that. Just like people fear newspapers and magazines would die out because of how faster and more information you can get on news and current events with the internet, they still seem to have a pulse. Some may say just barely one, but they still print on. And that’s how I see it for comics as well. There have been many-a-voices crying out how digital comics will hurt comic retailers, but there are still stores out there who are still in business. Mark Waid was one who believed digital comics was a new dawn of age for comics and they would be better off that way. But now Mark is a comic shop owner himself and the way he felt has changed, even if ever so slightly.


Some people believe that the feeling of actually holding a book in your hands is better – and it’s a good point. To certain people it may seem like a crazy notion, but when you have a book in your hands, it’s a total different feeling than just the click of a mouse, a button, the swipe of a finger. 


Digital versions of comics aren’t something to be feared or hated about. The way I see it is they are a great companion to comics books. There’s nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds. And with digital versions, you get to “carry” more with you when you travel and want something good to read. It’s definitely a lot easier than bringing along a bag of books. 



What are your thoughts? Do you lean to one version or the other? Do you agree/disagree?

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