The Comic Bubble Podcast: Episode 040 – The Big 4OH!

The little podcast that could is climbing over the big hill, as they say, and bringing good tidings with it! Open a fresh one to see and listen about a comic story told on the sides of a six pack (ayep), the return of the great Gerry Conway to Spider-Man and a huge (and I mean HUGE) revelation or two from AXIS #7. Not only is that discussed, but so is Mark Hamill returning to his Trickster role in CW’s The Flash, Momoa revealing how many films he’ll be in as Aquaman, where to expect more Thanos, the Sony hack that lead to a lot of news including Spider-Man’s film fate and who exactly seems to be in the running to play Doctor Strange’s teacher, the Ancient One.


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I have been collecting comics for well over 10 years now and the X-Men/Marvel have been the biggest part of it. But my love of the creative world also reaches out to movies and video games as well, and even TV. I've also dabbled and have an Associates in Graphic Design! You can follow Ice on Twitter @Agent00ice