The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 047: The BLU Bubble Edition

Joining me this week is the ever uber-geek Blusiphur of Blu Cheesecake! We totally geek out on everything from comics: the X-Men! The Marvel Universe itself! The MCU and DCCU!  There’s also our talks on our love that is Green Lantern and the Flash! We also even dive into the DC comic shows and how Flash has amazed us both and has become our new favorite TV show of the season! Also learn where the love for the comic book began and hear thoughts on the industry itself, favorite writers and artists, and era of comics. This is the longest episode of The Comic Bubble Podcast yet, so yeah: AND MORE definitely applies!!



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Wait, there’s more!
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About the author

I have been collecting comics for well over 10 years now and the X-Men/Marvel have been the biggest part of it. But my love of the creative world also reaches out to movies and video games as well, and even TV. I've also dabbled and have an Associates in Graphic Design! You can follow Ice on Twitter @Agent00ice