The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 049: Welcome Home Spidey

Last Friday may have been ‘Friday the 13th’, but it was nothing but good luck happening that day and all week! Why? Spider-Man is back home! Sony and Marvel play nice! Listen on to find out what that means for both Marvel and their cinematic universe and for Sony. Stick around afterwards for the new lineup of the Suicide Squad in the comics and why you won’t get IDW comics on the week of February 18th (okay, so one bad thing happened). Plus CW’s Flash gets a new take on a villain and more information on CBS’ Supergirl is released. This and much more including news on X-Men and Deadpool movie castings too!



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I have been collecting comics for well over 10 years now and the X-Men/Marvel have been the biggest part of it. But my love of the creative world also reaches out to movies and video games as well, and even TV. I've also dabbled and have an Associates in Graphic Design! You can follow Ice on Twitter @Agent00ice