The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 057: The Comic Bubble Super Fun Time Quiz Extravaganza Special Show Round 2!

The comic quiz show that was a major hit and crowned our first champions (The Wolverines) last Summer is back! The returning champs take on returning contestants PTWOR, who will try and take away the title away from The Wolverines! Do they succeed? You won’t find that out here, you’ll have to listen and see… er rather hear for yourself! Plus a new game round debuts! “What’s That Picture?” A new way to test the comic knowledge! Play along yourself and see if you know the answers too!

The show has gone into bi-annual status so get ready for round 3 as it comes later this Summer!!



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I have been collecting comics for well over 10 years now and the X-Men/Marvel have been the biggest part of it. But my love of the creative world also reaches out to movies and video games as well, and even TV. I've also dabbled and have an Associates in Graphic Design! You can follow Ice on Twitter @Agent00ice