The Complete Breaking Bad Series Will Come in a Barrel

Because you didn’t pay attention in chemistry class you’ll never be Heisenberg and therefore never have barrels upon barrels of cash. I know, the truth hurts. Thankfully you can have the next best thing*, the complete season of Breaking Bad, in a barrel! 


The Complete Breaking Bad Series on Blu-ray includes 62 episodes, 55 hours of special features and a two-hour documentary. The documentary will take a look into the making of Season 5, it’ll go from the first table read to the last day on set. It also includes Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading the final script for the first time at Cranston’s home in Albuquerque. The Complete Breaking Bad Series also comes with a Los Pollos Hermanos apron so that you can work on your cooking because 76% purity just won’t cut it. 

The special features for Season 5 will include the a 3-minute alternate version of how Breaking Bad could have ended, deleted & extended scenes, uncensored and extended episodes, a “Blood Money” table read, cast and crew commentaries, 4 featurettes, over 15 episodes of Inside Breaking Bad, a Gag Reel, and Walt’s Confession.

As of posting this, there are only three episodes left, so after your heart is broken when the series ends, you can revisit the entirety of the series all over again. Also, be sure to keep up to speed with our Breaking Bad recaps!

The Complete Breaking Bad Series on Blu-ray will hit stores November 26 in the US November 25 in the UK.

– Prometheus

*A barrel full of Breaking Bad DVDs may not be comparable to barrels full of money

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