The Greatest Legend of Zelda Figurine Ever!



Do you collect statues? Do love Legend of Zelda? Well, great news Punchers! Medicom Toy, a Japanese action figure maker, has recently released this new Link Statue from Real Action Heroes line, effectively making it the best thing to come from the franchise since Majora’s Mask. It’s Link’s Skyward Sword version and comes packed with all his gear, sans bombs, which you’ll explode like one after you see the hefty price tag of $218. That’s over 10,000 rupees in-game, so get to finding those extra large wallets!  You’ll have until November to make pre-orders, and I’m sure they’ll sell like Lon-Lon milk fresh off the farm.

Although I’m not into this sort of thing, I love anything Zelda, and I can appreciate the time and effort it takes into making something with an incredible amount of detail. Even Link’s chain mail has been crafted in the minutest details. But, if Zelda’s not your thing (you should be shunned), they have a slew of other lines, including Marvel, Metal Gear, Full Metal Alchemist and tons more.  Hit the top link, to Destructoid, for more awesome pictures.


– The “Toyrrific” Agamemnon



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