5 Film Adaptations of Games We’re Still Waiting For

Literary, comic book, and video game characters have been making the transition from their respective format to the silver screen for decades. Some adaptations were praised for their ability to create characters similar to how fans had envisioned, while others flopped and were swept under the rug. Even with the risk of a flop, there are still some projects that video game fans, in particular, are hopeful about seeing come to life in the future. Check out the list of our top 5.

Grand Theft Auto




With the recent success of the Need for Speed adaptation, you would think other games with a driving focus would be up next. Like the Grand Theft Auto franchise, for example. So far, though, that has yet to happen. GameSpot posted an article on the subject last year, after speaking to Take-Two president, Karl Slatoff. As owners of the Grand Theft Auto license, he explained that Take-Two is wary of a film, given the impact that a poorly received project could have on the franchise. However, he did say that discussion on the matter continues.

At least the porn industry sees the potential in the storyline and characters. An adult spoof titled Grand Theft Auto: XXX Parody, was released in 2010. Rated at a 3.5/5 stars on adameve, they say that the film offers fans a unique experience to really “see a video game come to life!”



The last bit of news on the potential for a Bioshock adaptation came in April of this year, when IGN reported that Sony had registered a number of domains with a Bioshock-film related name.

Although Universal Studios had previously passed on the idea, IGN said that director Gore Verbinski never openly backed out of the film, which had once been approved for a $200 million budget. They seemed to think that Verbinski’s initial ideas for giving the film an ‘R’ rating are at least partially to blame for the company’s reservations in moving forward. There were also scheduling conflicts with production of the movie Watchmen when discussion of the project first occurred in 2009. Only time will tell what Sony’s intentions for the registered sites are in the future.

The Last of Us

the last of us

Rumors of the film for this zombie thriller have been circling since the game was released last year. According to Screen Rant, game creator Neil Druckmann has recently come forward confirming the project. While this is positive news, production is still in the earliest stages of development and bigger films have been held up at this stage in the past. Casting has yet to be determined, and few details have been released in relation to the project’s plan or the movie’s plot.

One thing is for certain, The Last of Us certainly offers the most compelling storyline for a screenplay, so much so that it can almost be taken scene for scene from the game. But until I get a premiere date, or see a trailer, I’m going to be keeping my fingers crossed.

The Legend of Zelda


Aside from the fan-made film that was uploaded online earlier this year, we have yet to see a film adaptation of this classic game franchise. Slash Film reported around this time last year that Nintendo was considering making the characters into a film at one point, even going as far as considering a pitch several years ago from the animation studio Imagi. Unfortunately, the story was rejected.

The franchise is even more gun-shy about creating a live-action film, given the failure of the live-action Super Mario Bros. While there may not be any promising rumors going around about a film at the moment, I wouldn’t write it off just yet. Then again, that could just be the optimist in me.


Naughty Dog has made it clear that 2015’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be the last in the beloved action-adventure franchise. However, each installment has been cherished by gamers, which means that fans are going to push for more even if the narrative comes to a strong close. Thankfully, it seems that Sony might be listening.

Paul Tassi, a contributor for Forbes, said that Sony is still in talks to have a film adaptation of the game out by summer 2016. It seems that the series that Tassi referred to as the most “cinematic” game franchise of all time may be living up to its big screen hype. But just as with The Last of Us, I’m not holding my breath.

With well established characters and plot lines, it seems that it would be an easy transition for some games to go from the console to the big screen. However, I would rather them not tarnish a franchise’s name than put out something less than adequate. Studios will have high expectations, but as long as they consider how the fans will perceive the project, and not just the general public, we could be in for some exciting adaptations in the future.

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