Truly Sub Rosa

Welcome to the underground, the seedy belly where money is exchanged for information and items. In this city of subterfuge and double deals, corporations vie for money and position in the

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local stock market. The city is nameless, the mission is simple, how you get there, is not. This place where things happen…. Sub Rosa.

Sub Rosa Title



Sub Rosa’s story begins when you buy your ticket to the city, by joining the server of your choice of course.


Despite being a hardcore indie game, I found there to be a surprisingly high number of servers, especially since only about one third or less of them seem to have any occupancy. Still, this isn’t a bad sign, in my eyes it is a hopeful optimism about their game and its future VIP status. Each server is it’s own self contained world with their being two available game types, world, and round based. The World type being a more persistent setup, where your money is saved at the end of each day. Once you’re in, you get a tidy little loading screen, which I admit, can be a pain as it sometimes, depending on the server, can take up to two or three minutes to load. Speaking of which, if you are looking for a Sub Rosa Loading Screen Simulator, I have designed one for you free of charge, and am releasing the demo, here, to the world. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of each picture to play!


Take ten seconds out

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of your life to stare.



Consider where your family is, at this moment in time.


Wonder if it actually moved...

Wonder if it actually moved…



Watch hope for the future drain away.

Watch hope for the future drain away.

That’s great isn’t it? But unfortunately that’s where the demo of my game ends, and you must make your complimentary mandatory donation of five dollars to play the rest. And before you safely tuck in your wallets, allow me to reveal that the ending will blow you away.

The starting station.

The starting station.

Once you do get into the world however, you should be surprised, confused and probably really slow. For those pro gamer’s out there who will take that first step of initiative and press a few buttons, will eventually come to realize the interface works very similar to that of first person shooters. With WASD being movement of the body, and the mouse controlling the head and main vision. Running can be done by scrolling the mouse wheel back, while scrolling the mouse wheel forward will zoom in slightly, and you can view the map with C.


One might also notice that there are some numbers listed at the bottom, very minecraft-esque someone might think, and that person would be right.

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It’s your inventory, as you would guess, pushing the numbered key, will take out whatever item you have stored there.

The only exceptions to this inventory system are that the number 1 is reserved strictly for weapons, and each slot can hold a total of two items. In order to access the second item,

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you would just push the button a second time. So if you are holding a pistol and a rifle, you tap 1 until you are holding your secondary weapon. Seems pretty simple right?

Fuck No! You think you can survive in the inner city armed with so little knowledge? I hope not, the corporate life is a hard unforgiving struggle, and we still don’t even know how to reload a gun. “But… what…? It’s just reloading,

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‘R’ right?” you would sputter to me, perhaps while sucking your thumb and whispering for mother. But you would only

be half right, as it would seem, since it takes two hands to reload a weapon. “Huh, what? Two hands, well yeah, of course, just like any call of duty animation shows us.” No! Two hands! Can you use them!? That is the real question of this game. Yes, you may have interpreted me correctly, you need to use both your

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hands, and more often then not, using both your hands well and correctly can make or break a fire fight.


Holding shift will enable this use of hand-age. Let me paint

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you an example, holding shift and then pressing 1 will equip a weapon from your inventory in your left hand. Pressing

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1 normally will equip it into your right hand. So lets say you want to reload your weapon. You would press 1 to equip your main weapon, then hold shift+2, if you had a spare magazine in your inventory, in order to hold it in your other hand.


So now you’ve got a spare magazine in one hand, and a weapon in the other, but how do you insert one into the other? Well you want to load the magazine into the gun, the magazine is in your second hand, so you use shift in order to activate anything in your second hand. So for this example, you would press shift+r, in order to make your second hand reload. If you had the gun in

your secondary hand, then you would just reload normally with R, after pressing shift+1 to hold a weapon. Makes sense?

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Am I sounding enough like an instruction manual yet?



So that’s step one. Equipping your weapon of choice, not always so easily accomplished, but once mastered, you do truly feel like a gangster as you throw out empty clips and reload under fire. The real crux of this game stems from player interactions from company to company. Companies may communicate with each other in game either in person chatting on the voice chat or text, or use the cellphones supplied in game to call another company to get information or broker deals.


Let’s say you are Red Company, your team may get a mission, get the Red Disk from Blue Company. Your unseen overlords (AKA the random mission generator) may supply you with funds to make the transaction, in which case you and your fellow company men and women may take the money to an agreed upon location to meet Blue Company and exchange the money for said disk, or bring the money and gun down the other members of the company mid trade, take the disk and the money, and walk away with less

of a soul. Really, the choice is yours as how to approach any situation, from double crossing, to straight shooting, to assassinations and burglary’s. How you move your company up the ladder is up to your choices and actions.


The missions are pretty varied, though sadly most revolve around some sort of exchange or procurement of information disks. Completing the mission will provide you and your team with money, which you use to buy better cars, gear and utilities to help keep you alive outside your HQ. Also though, completing missions will raise the net worth of your company, which translates into price per shares on the games simple stock market system. So while everyone might start out at fifty dollars per share, if you make sure your team gets the missions done, and invest before hand, then at the end of the day you will be sitting pretty on a couple thousand extra dollars.

As it is the game runs on a round system, where you start off early in the morning at the station platform with everyone, and make a mad rush for the company buildings, and completing mission until it ends at 6:00 pm at night, lasting in total about an hour. There are a few variations on this game type, but they are widely less used. With the sun setting each round to signify it’s end, it is a quaint and in it’s own way beautiful way to end the fast paced life which is Sub Rosa.


There is always an end.

There is always an end.


Right now since this is one of those Beta-to-Play games, it does lack in terms of equipment, there are only four or five guns to choose from, and the graphics are pretty bland, well, except for the blood. That being said, the player to player experience is fun, and rewarding, and it takes real teamwork to complete objectives which I can appreciate.

I won’t lie and say that priced at around twenty dollars (according to the site) it’s the best bang for it’s buck, it still needs a lot of polishing, and updates aren’t as frequent as I would like from a game you have to pay for in alpha, but the innovative qualities and the groundwork for a truly spectacular game are here ready to be developed, and I personally cannot wait to see where they take it.

As always, I love

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you guys. Until next time.