Vamp Bit Me Does Lady Punisher Cosplay


Linda Le, better known as Vampy Bit Me (or VampBeauty), has exploded in popularity since she first appeared on the cosplay scene. She adopted the name Vampy after a makeup line that she and her cousin wanted to start. She’s done work with the Japanese toy company Kotobukiya and The Street Fighter Comic book publisher, Udon Entertainment. Most recently she teamed up with Chris Hardwick to produce a show, called “Just Cos”, about cosplayers from all walks of life who tell their stories. She’s cosplayed as everyone from Kratos from God of War to Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Samus from Metroid, and Pepper Potts from Iron Man, creating each and every costume herself.

Photos by Anna Fischer unless otherwise noted

I’m going to refrain from making the obvious joke that Vampy Bit Me can punish me. But let’s be honest, one could only hope.

You can find more of Vampy Bit Me on Facebook, Deviant Art, and her official blog VampyBit.Me.

– Prometheus

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