Walking Dead Season 3: Home – Recap

Spoiler Alert! Again, no important characters were harmed in filming of this episode. On a more serious note, this recap contains heavy spoilers. Point being, if you don‘t want your precious Walking Dead experience spoiled, then I strongly suggest you watch “Home” before reading this.


And here I thought that Rick going ballistic in the last episode was the height of his insanity. Nope! Rick is continuing his descent into madness and now he’s chasing his hallucinations of Lori around. His own crazy leads him to go wondering around outside of the prison’s perimeter fence among a bunch of walkers who surprisingly don’t even bother him. I suppose crazy isn’t the most pleasing to their pallet. Now, I realize that prison life can make a man lonely but Rick has taken it to a whole ‘nother level. It’s safe to say that Rick’s marriage must have had some serious problems, even before the dead started walking, if he can’t even tell the difference between how his wife embraced him and well, essentially nothing.

Hmm, something’s off. I remember Lori using a lot more tongue.

Rick’s confession to Hershel is priceless. When Hershel questions what Rick has been doing, the best answer Rick can give is that he’s been doing “stuff”. He reluctantly admits that he’s been hallucinating and he’s been seeing Lori. He even admits that he realizes that she’s not real. Which makes him seem all the more crazy, in my opinion. Alas, he explains that he’s been following “Lori” because he feels like it has to mean something. Oh, it means something alright, it means you’ve lost your damn mind, Rick.

Merle continues to charm and win hearts. This time it’s a family who are being attacked by walkers. He and Daryl hear their screams and Daryl swoops in and saves the day. After Daryl helps the family kill the walkers, Merle reasons that they’re owed a debt of gratitude. Merle opts to go shopping at their expense before Daryl shoves his crossbow in Merle’s face. Daryl exhibiting compassion only serves to annoy Merle and prompts him to remind Daryl that they were originally planning to rob the camp when they first got there. Regardless, Daryl is a changed man and spending a couple hours alone with Merle is enough for a lifetime, so he reasons that returning to prison life is infinitely more appealing. Merle reluctantly follows, having worn out his welcome in Woodbury. 

Don’t act like you’ve never popped a zit before
Michonne speaks! The gods of The Walking Dead must have heard my prayers! Seriously, she says entire sentences without even scowling, much. She reassures everyone that The Governor is definitely going to retaliate. The kind of man who keeps an aquarium full of heads as trophies is not to be taken lightly. Michonne nearly teams up with Glenn to kill The Governor until wet blanket Hershel advices them otherwise.

At least we got to see her do that!
The group is in disarray and Glenn attempts to lead in Rick’s absence, but he’s way too blinded with thoughts of vengeance to lead effectively. That’s a nice way to put it. Glenn’s “plan” boiled down to him going off to “secure” the perimeter at the time when they needed him most. Now to be fair, Glenn certainly has a lot on his plate. On top of being traumatized by what happened to him and Maggie in Woodbury, he’s having to deal with the prison being breached by walkers, an impending attack by The Governor and worst of all, Maggie giving him the silent treatment. Still, would it have killed him to at least advise everyone to stay inside so that they don’t, oh I don’t know, get shot in the head?!

Guess this means that I’ll be sleeping alone tonight, again

When Axel first made a pass at Carol upon learning of her heterosexuality, he got shot down without being given much of a chance. This time around it appeared that he was starting to make some head way. He was even starting to reveal that he had a little bit of charm hidden behind that mustache. Well, this time it was The Governor who shot down Axel’s chances, but at least Axel died believing that he was just an episode away from getting the goods.

Sometimes things with Axel end prematurely
Axel’s death came abruptly, although it was more or less expected since he wasn’t exactly a core character. His death served as the beginning of a James Bond villain-esque plan by The Governor. The Governor not only took the prison by surprise but had them out-manned and outgunned. Then just to up the ante and prove that even in a zombie Apocalypse, Woodbury can still make good on same day delivery, he let about a dozen walkers loose inside the prison.

Zombie Delivery: It’s fast but it costs an arm and a leg

Great plan right? Wrong! Instead of shooting Rick’s group while they fought the walkers he just shot into the air a few times and then left. What. The. Fuck?! The only thing that he accomplished, aside from putting an end to Axel and Carol’s budding relationship, was snapping Rick out of his crazed stupor and potentially strengthening the unity between the group. Sure, Michonne and Glenn may want to kill Merle, but they all realize that The Governor is the most immediate threat to be dealt with. It’s safe to say that Rick will be focused on leading again or he’ll at least take a break from chasing “Lori” until The Governor situation has been handled. Superb job Governor! I hope you get your good eye shot out, if for nothing else but for poor execution of an otherwise brilliant plan. And yes, I realize that his “plan” was ultimately just a show of force to let them know that he has his eye on them.



Lemme waste the rest of these bullets before we head out
On a side note, when it comes to Walkers everyone is a damn marksman. But why is it that when it comes to shooting the living, nobody can aim at all? Axel head shot aside of course. Maybe the undead just attract bullets. Maybe…

…And back to flawless aim.

- Prometheus

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