Will Mel Gibson play the villain in Expendables 3?


It seems like every couple of weeks more Expendables 3 related news trickles out onto the internet. How much of it is blatant speculation versus actual fact, remains to be seen. The most recently announcement is that William Wallace himself will be Expendables 3‘s villain. That’s right, the mission to cast everyone action star ever in the Expendables is in full swing as Mel Gibson is allegedly the next big star slated to join the roster.

Assuming that all of this Expendables 3 speculation comes to fruition, Mel Gibson will be in the good company of Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Milla Jovovich for the upcoming threequel. Again, that’s if said rumors are indeed true. Mel Gibson will soon be cutting his teeth in Machete Kills as Luther Voz, playing the role of a villain for the first time in career. With Expendables 3 not scheduled for release until 2014, that should whet your appetite for a villainous Mel Gibson. All I know is that Mel Gibson plays crazy like it’s second nature so I would imagine that playing a villain would be too much of a stretch.

Of course you're looking forward to that!

Of course you’re looking forward to more of that!

- Prometheus

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